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We have simplified plumbing for you. Our improved initiative and modern approach will save you time and energy to get back to enjoying your life. As professional plumbers, we can assess your problem quickly in a video call and provide an accurate estimate of the work and cost upfront.

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Get A no leak toilet installation or repair.
No leak toilet installation

We provide toilet installation, replacement and repair services. We can fix and solve any common toilet repairs such as toilet flushing problems, broken handles, water bowl damage, slow tank refills, leaks and drips and water bowl irregularities. Also, to cut down on your water bills or water usage we can advise on low-flow or dual flush toilet installation.

Get your bathtubs & showers quickly fixed.
Bath tub and shower repair in West Jordan, UT

Keep your bathtubs and showers in excellent working condition and have any issue fixed. We can quickly take care of logged drains, low drains, broken fixture or inconsistent pressure, whistling and gurgling sounds from taps. We can also give you professional guidance in choosing new devices for your home to save water and avoid maintenance issues.

Improve the quality of your water & prevent build-up iSSUES.
Soft water filter installation

Soft water improves the water quality of your property and provides health benefits for the skin and hair leaving no residue like calcium or rust. It protects your appliances and flows better through the pipes making it easier to maintain.

Make practical savings by having Fixtures that do not leak.
flo no lea installation

We can install, replace or repair any component of a bathroom or kitchen faucet system that is responsible for the leak. Get  any annoying dripping faucets fixed and make great savings on your monthly water cost.

Get a water heater that delivers the right performance for the right cost.
Water heater system

A reliable hot water heater system will give you the comfort and efficiency you need for many of your tasks at home. Our professional technicians will help you determine the best system for your family's needs that will fit within your budget.

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"Lucas was very professional and responsive. He listened to what we wanted to do with our bathroom remodel and was very clear when it came to the estimate. What impressed me most was his willingness to come out on his own time to review the work and his willingness to go above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the results. I'll definitely use him again."

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We offer a 1-3 year warranty on both parts and labor. You can call us if anything goes wrong and we will be there for you. Our trusted plumbers are always prepared to resolve your issue and ready to help.

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Our plumbers and technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, and always deliver a solution to all your plumbing needs.